MCBA Heritage

MCBA Software has been a Founder, a Pioneer and a Leader in the computer software industry since 1974. MCBA has been writing software solutions for companies just like yours longer than Microsoft has existed, or even Oracle for that matter. In fact, MCBA was a mature company before the PC was even born.

Over our 32 year history, MCBA has run on every platform and in every application language around. Yes, we have seen a lot of changes in the computer industry. We have put a lot of changes into our products.

Part of the MCBA Heritage has been and is in our committment to growing companies. Our software can serve your company from the early struggling years to the day you reach a billion dollars in sales.

Recent estimates suggest over a million businesses worldwide have come to rely on some version of MCBA software. Many of these customers are using highly modified or industry specific versions sold by one of our many reseller partners. Over the years, hundreds of resellers have started with MCBA code and built specialized vertical products. Many of these vertical software products are now the top products in their industry, but they are still MCBA at the core. In fact, many of the best known and industry leading software companies are built with MCBA code at the very heart of their applications.

MCBA has always been an innovator and we refuse to rest on our laurels. Everyday, we strive to enhance, grow, try new technology, new techniques, new software languages, all we can do to continue to keep MCBA products the best choice for you. While we continue to improve our products at a rapid pace, we have stable and reliable products that will meet your demanding business needs.

The reason so many customers rely on MCBA products is really very simple...MCBA works. MCBA works to improve your profits everyday.

Our heritage is the map to our future success; Reliability, Versatility, Cost Effectiveness, Innovation, Creativity, and Great Customer Support for your company.